ANTIGUA Restaurant – Barcelona


After two postponements caused by untimely flus paths finally last Friday I had the pleasure to reconnect with friends, with whom say “pleasure” is not mere politeness. The appointment was at Antigua restaurant at Maria Cubi st,  59.


Exactly this was our table, luckily. Because I think being in another long table, the conversation would have been impossible. I think there are more tables restaurant. room to move, but the density of population made ​​the noise level is very high. Making a very difficult conversation.

I will not deny that perhaps the noise level had a lot of weight which had several tables with more than six people. But hey I guess that’s what they want all the restaurants.

Apart from the population density, the place is nice and cozy.



The service was well provided with the number of guests, which is appreciated especially when we are talking about a restaurant that works an elaborate kitchen thing you notice as you get the menu

Oh God, I confess, I have a problem with restaurant menus.

I think that, when you book in a restaurant whose dishes require more than three lines of text for their presentation, the person who answers the phone should warn you saying  something like:

sir / madam if you allow me a suggestion, I would recommend  you to take a look at our menu  which you can find in our website, before.

So people would arrive to the restaurant with the homework done. Something very practical when you leave the glasses at home, as my friend Juan Carlos, because how you hold in  your head  things like this:


Kitchen: Friday was not my lucky day.

I was the only one who did not go out delighted.

First I ordered the “Caesar Salat … Personal Vision!” with so many exclamation points I should have suspected something. Because the “subtle scent of garlic” was not as subtle and third bite it had killed iberico textures, thyme gone to hell and crispy rosti was not at all crispy, and has eaten a few rostis .

If I had ordered the “composition of vegetables …” (sorry for the quality of the photos but are made with the mobile and low-light)


… they asked in unison Joan, Esther and Rosó would have been much more satisfied because they say everything was perfect, as the mackerel of … I can not remember what, wich my husband had ordered, a very successful tempura. What a shame I missed it.

Main courses deserved the unanimous approval of all; less: … me. because after reading my entire letter in the end I decided on:

“loin of monkfish and shrimp orly, eggplant, coriander and candied anarcardos, treated as false ragout, coconut milk, the subtle perfume of red curry and related tangerine bubbles”


In this case, yes sel scent was subtle, and conreferencia to “tangerine related bubbles” the truth is that even looking. The problem was the eggplant, which can sometimes be very dangerous.  It do not kill you   but they can kill the other flavors. This eggplant, specifically, had a touch of acidity leaving the other flavors anonymous.

Summarizing my husband and friends were delighted with the food, I had a bit of bad luck, which does not detract at all the merit of the cook. Another story is about the excessive noise that is crucial to me

Very correct portions. As about the price, considering that it was Friday night, elaborate cuisine, extensive wine list. Ok, we’re not talking about an economic menu, but reasonable.

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