Things to do in BCN in the middle of chaos

Well, it’s already Friday, dammit as time goes on!

It has been a normal week,

On Monday I stayed for lunch with some friends, I went by train because leaving the car in the parking lot, it is very expensive and as they  say that we are on the verge of a cataclysm, maybe is better to save a little, I think.

However, I have some weaknesses. I am not one of those women who always spend time buying rags, absolutely. However,  I have weakness for any particular brand like Uniqlo. Uniqlo  that has recently opened shop in Barcelona. The first one in Spain, what a coincidence.

They say that the owner of the company, Japanese, was impressed by the number of people who moved to welcome the company located at the confluence of Paseo de Gracia with Gran Via, just over 100 meters from the Conselleria de Economia of the Generalitat.

The poor man could not believe what his eyes were seeing, like me on Monday when I could not enter the store. Well I entered, but only a little, buying was impossible, the store was just to burst. I think perhaps this was due to panic and terror, which pushes people to hoard basic products like «ultra Light Down» a «must» of any closet bottom.

With regret I left Uniqlo for another moment and after getting round the turmoil of tourists that took place in front of the house Batllo, I went to Service Station, that surprisingly, in spite of the chaos in which we live; It was open, and also crowded. So many people that I had to wait a long time to be attended.

Then I went for luncht with my friends, the restaurant as always full, is a menu restaurant very close to the Bank of Sabadell. We talk about everything, weddings, children,

Tuesday … what did I do on Tuesday? I know that I went back to Barcelona, ​​to various matters, but I do not remember what. However, I know I came home before the candles.

What a mess they set with  wax. Twenty-four hours were spent cleaning the pavement on the Diagonal. Little joke that is a record, the other day I heard on the radio that in Seville, after the holy week they take days to leave it in order. People were very angry because of trafic jam ,but  that’s what I say, you have to give people a vote of confidence. It was the first performance they put on, and besides they could not get in touch with former people in charge, apparently talking on the phone with Soto del Real, it is not easy, there is not good coverage there. Soto del Real (jail where «the Jordis» are imprisoned

Wednesday  I went to Ikea, Leroy Merlin and the Veterinarian

Two of my dogs are very bad, I fear that soon I will have some loss in the family.

Later in the afternoon I went to the physiotherapist and at night to the Liceu. Ballo in Maschera. God! As I like Piotr Beczala voice

How he sang, because he sang, despite the bad omens of my friend Carmen.

«You will see how it cancels, there’s too much revolution.»

Well look, he sang, they all sang and the theater was almost full, those who surely failed it was because of the rain.


Or maybe it was because of the demonstration that was called in Francesc Macía…  maybe, but they were not so many


On Thursday it rained a lot, with a terrible wind. The worst was in Tarragona where the fallen trees went to crush some vans of the spanish police. It’s bad luck.

Luckily the group of retirees who planned to visit the Liceu that day did not come from there, but from the Vallés. With a little delay, they arrived without further mishap, despite the chaos, this time the traffic was absolute chaos. I think they enjoyed the visit, because they applauded and that always means something.

On the way home I bought food for the dogs, fish for lunch, I cook and, in the afternoon, I returned to BCN in the middle of an authentic deluge. I went to see an interesting exhibition, by Lita Cabellut.

And we are already Friday, a Friday like so many others, first I went to the bank to get some money, not much because on the 20th my account is not very proud, I wanted to get 155 euros, but I have had to settle for less. Then, I spent it in Mercadona, the bakery, the pharmacy and you’re done.

As a resum, a week like so many.

Tomorrow Saturday I do not know yet what I will do, probably I will look if there is any interesting show out there.

How boring chaos can be!


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