An old and stale love – Spain vs Catalonia


Today, in the account of Manuel Huerga in Facebook, I found this compilation  of “amorous” sentences dedicated to Catalunya from XVII Century, that I wanna share with you.

AUTHOR: JOSEP MIQUEL BAUSSET, Monk of the Monastery of Montserrat.

‘As long as there is only one Catalan in Catalonia, and stones in the deserted fields, we must have enemies and war.’
(Francisco de Quevedo, 1640)

‘We must reduce Catalonia to Castilian customs and traditions.
(Conde-Duque de Olivares, 1641)

Books in Catalan should not be allowed in schools. Neither write nor speak in that language and that Christian doctrine must be learned in Castillian (Spanish) Felipe V 1715

‘If the State (governement)  did not impose Castilian (Spanish) in all Spain, the dialects would prevail to the Castilian’.
(Miguel de Unamuno, 1901)

If a majority of Catalans strive to disrupt the Hispanic route, it will be necessary to consider the possibility of converting that land into a colony and transferring the armies of North Africa there. Everything except …… the opposite. ”
(Ramiro Ledesma, 1931)

“A person of my knowledge assures me that it is a law of the history of Spain, the necessity of bombarding Barcelona every fifty years. Felipe V’s system was unfair and hard, but solid and comfortable. It has been valid for two centuries. I have never been what they call unionist or patriotic. However, in the face of these things I am unworthy. And if these people are going to dismember Spain, I prefer Franco ‘.(Manuel Azaña 1937)

“I am not making a war against Franco, so that in Barcelona sprouts a stupid and small-town nationalism.”
(Juan Negrín, 1938)

Do you believe that we have made war, so that Catalan again becomes a language of public use? ‘
(Acedo Colunga, 1952)

‘Catalonia was occupied by Felipe IV and Felipe V, it was bombed by General Espartero and we occupied it in 1939 and we are ready to occupy it as many times as necessary and for that I am ready to take the rifle again.’
(Manuel Fraga, 1961)

‘It is necessary to encourage the migration of Spanish-speaking people to Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, in order to ensure the maintenance of Spanish sentiment’.
(Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo, 1983)

‘Terrorism in the Basque Country is a matter of public order, but the real danger is the Catalan differential feeling’.
(Felipe González, 1984)

‘We have never forced to speak in Castilian’
(Juan Carlos I, 2001)

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