Freedom is dignified and full or it is not! – Jordi Sanchez

The path of freedom is not always easy. However, when it is done with so many people it’s always nice. The performance of the National Court has come at a time where someone may have thought that it could be a determining factor to overturn the will of a people expressed in the ballot box.

Spain has rejected the paths of politics and dialogue a thousand times. Today, the Spanish government has rejected the invitation of President Puigdemont to give an opportunity for dialogue in the next two months.

Spain is a strong State and has all the mechanisms of power to try to impose its truth. We saw it on October 1st, as we had seen before. And certainly the path chosen by the Spanish rulers put of pressure on us, it causes us pain and forces us to be aware of each step we make. However, we have the power of the will of citizenship, unbeatable if we show ourselves with the same perseverance.

Our commitment to continue the path of freedom is clear and meditated. We have nothing to hide. We want to be a state in the form of a Republic. We are Democrats above any other consideration. Nobody will change us.

The decision to deprive us of freedom by the National Court is a decision that is lacking in any legal and procedural basis. A decision agreed a few days ago as confirmed by hundreds of comments at the reception on October 12th at the Royal Palace and thousands of tweets and information prior to our appearance today at the Hearing. It is a decision that the Spanish state must explain before international public opinion and also before the European Courts and Courts. It is, simply, a scandal. One of the shame of Europe.

I do not accept the sentence. I do not accept the precautionary measures or their derivatives. The decision to deprive me of freedom is unfair. And they will be the authorities of the state who will have to be ashamed of this decision.

I look forward to the order of freedom. I know it will come, it can not be otherwise. When there is no crime, there can be no prison order. I ask, I hope, I demand a rectification of this great injustice that has been committed today by the Spanish Courts.

I know for sure that the citizens of my country will have a civic and peaceful response, as we have always given. We have every right to express ourselves and demand our rights and freedoms. However, I also ask that we do so with the unforgivable commitment to non-violence. We have never fallen into the trap of violence. Now we will not do it either.

Perhaps more orders of imprisonment are coming, perhaps a suspension of self-government, perhaps political measures of the state of great aggressiveness. We do not lose the north. If we remain confident, committed, mobilized and civic such as, as we did on October 1 or the past 3 in the general stop, we will reach independence among all.

At this point, express confidence in the decisions that may be made by the
Most of our Parliament and the strategy in favor of the dialogue proposed by President Puigdemont and Vice President Junqueres on behalf of the government. They want us divided, we show ourselves as a pineapple to finish this last stretch. With no resignation or backspace, no cold and brave decision to keep moving forward now that we have to play it.

Nobody can beat us if we continue Together, strong, united in the

Plurality, peacefully mobilized in defense of freedom, democracy and the Catalan Republic.

Freedom is dignified and full or not! Here we go!

Jordi Sanchez is the president of ANC, now on jail

Published on ARA 

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