Children as argument

Today  Spanish media battle is focused on Catalan school, with the false argument that in Catalonia children are manipulated, in addition to the usual and tiring argument that in Catalonia the Spanish is marginalized from school.

With reference to this last point I will only expose the data.


This is the average qualification referring to Spanish language in qualifying test for university entrance 2016

– Madrid: 6.11

 Spanish Average Grade: 6.37

 Catalunya: 6.47


Referring to children manipulation, I wanna to share some samples with you.

In my opinion it is not the same to dress a boy as a civil guard (a debatable taste) or to teach him how to be a riot police, or to put a gun in his or her hands.



I have no problem with schools being taught to know and “love” the country itself, is common in all countries. Although it would help a lot if the teachers smiled a little


Then it would not be a problem to take the children to celebrate the day of the national holiday or to accompany their parents on something as simple and beautiful as voting.


Problems begin when parents take their children to an extreme right demonstration where the values they teach are cat least questionable, or when parents take them at a rally and admit and encourage their children to repeat slogans involving imprisonment for someone whose fault is to think different.