Same problem different sensitivity –

In my attempt to make you reach the Spanish reality today I use a tweet published by @madodeley shared by my friend @operaminora.

@madodeley  said: Same problem. Different communicative sensitivity. In my opinion, he is excessively polite

@madodeley is referring to the text inserted in these  images. Both referring to bullying. The first one by the Catalan police. The second by Spanish Police. (Since the first of October popularly known as the Twee-ties, at least in Catalonia)

Teachers help you train, always respect them, and if you suffer bullying, talk to them to solve it.

And this


And this is the Spanish view of the same subject.

If in your school, a partner is suffering because of someone. Do not allow it! Grow a pair! (referring to balls)  #diaMundialdelHuevo (world ball’s day). #NoAlAcosoEscolar Not to bullying.

I beg your pardon if the translation is not very accurate, but it is very difficult to translate this type of expression, quite rude.