When the day did not start well …

Like today as a sample.

I slept badly, my dear left knee has given me the night. The poor  had its reasons,  what a night of wind and rain  we have suffered. a rain, which incidentally, has messed my car as if it came from Paris Dackar, you know that race, which does not begin in Paris, and does not end in Dackar

At four o’clock, I was beaten on the couch defending an infusion “Sleep well” from the furious attacks my cat, who believes that any glass or cup placed on the table next to it belongs. At the same time I tried to follow with attention on the vicissitudes of Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast, I’m in the third volume of the trilogy dedicated to his brother Diogenes “The Book of the Dead,” too intriguing to sleep.

I still remember when my son Javier, who must have been about fourteen or fifteen years. Suddenly one day he started saying he could not sleep, which blamed its very improvable results at school. Not for a moment I thought  to medicate the child. Find a psychologist solution was not acceptable to me.
In the end, my husband, a so practical man,  went to the library (the electronic book was even invented) and soon my son was holding an ancient copy of  “War of Gaul” much cheaper than a psychologist and innocuous than a sleeping pill.

In the end, I have not needed to resort to Julio Cesar and five o’clock I managed to sleep. But then I lacked sleep. So I went all day and half asleep. This afternoon I had an appointment in town at four, and I was so eager to go and throw myself headlong into the river, which is just what I’ve done.


For a long time I did not see the car forced to stop because of the rain, of course before I was driving an SUV and now drive a utilitarian and in these cases the height is important.
I’ve been a little while to a stop across the street, until a sewer cap located about two feet from the car, it has blown up. while the water level was rising menacingly, so I parked on the sidewalk (have not fined me) and I’ve gotten into a bar to drink coffee.

Having no better to do but suspend the appointment I have taken a view on Facebook and I found a lively conversation about the installation of the optical fiber in Allela, an issue that irritates me a lot. I’ve engaged in a discussion my mayor, via Facebook. My mayor is a good person and sympathetic man. Sure he did not deserve the anger that I have given, but it is the price of being mayor.

Like the song says “the rain in my country do not know how rain”, a song that has little or nothing to do with rain, but everything it says is true.

That just last Saturday, I spoke about with one of the owners of James & Sons Umbrellas, a London historical establishment, founded 1830 and where we went to buy a gift for my son-in-law, because an umbrella, a good umbrella handmade, is a great gift greatly appreciated when you live in London.


And you’d better be, appreciated, because I notice that store, do not know the word cheap. To my exclamation, “I do not get rain,” the man asked “Where do you come from?”. from Barcelona


James Smith & Sons Umbrella shop, London, UK ec64d56c3a4c440a9367

Oh! true one year ago I was there and I never saw rain that way, so brutal, so fast and so sudden.
This afternoon Mr. James of James & sons have hallucinated pickles with rain Barcelona.

Here you have such a beautiful song that has little to do with the rain, but much to life.



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