Daddy, I have pee

Oh Yes!  I have a problem with my photostream organization.  Yesterday I spent a long time looking for  a “beautiful”  photo I’ve taken last t winter at the Zurich’s lake . The subject of the photograph, which I did not find, was inside a Swiss public toilet. Here in Spain and also in Catalunya, public toilets is an unresolved issue.  But to complain about the piss street and to punish those individuals who litter the streets. Yes , for that, we are always ready.  But to find effective solutions, and sanitary acceptable for something that is not always the result of a prank, but the natural consequence of our physical part, Ah! my friend, yes there are the last in line.

For example, in France, although you are in a remote village in the French Basque Pyrenees where coincidentally the car has left you lying, There in that town that has not reached the street view of Google Maps, there you will find the typical French defibrillator, and the no less typical public toilet.

To urinate is a human need, which here we have become an ordeal. I remember as a child walking with my father, when I said “Dad, I have pee” no problem my father entered the first bar we found, asked for the sink and had issue.  

Try you go into a bar and ask for the toilet, especially near tourist areas.

The first thing you will find is a sign which says “the toilets are  only  for customers” who apparently are the only ones with rights to pee. A right that they have won asking for a coffee with warm milk, saccharin and clean water please
All this comes about  the anger  in Madrid about   new toilets payment in Atocha station.



These toilets are the responsibility of the same company that manages the physical needs of the tourists in the Maremagnum.

And we  will pay!!

Yesterday a reporter exclaimed.
Let’s see we have become so forgetful as not to remind Mrs. Amparo or Mrs. Juanita, or Mercedes, these venerable women with apron and broom looked threatening if you failed to pay the toll. The problem is not pay, the problem is if the toilet is clean or not.

Back to Switzerland and the beginning of the post. While here the few public toilets that we can find in the street looks like a high dumpster, there they are so modern. More than a toilet they  look like a Star Trek teleporter. Hence the photo that I didn’t find, so that there is “Saint Google”



I think it is not necessary to reach this level of sophistication, but would be nice to offer our visitors and ourselves a waiter allà option shits. Sometimes I think that instead of going forward we go back. Because even as we insist, nobody is going to believe that we are as clean and civilized than not piss.

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