I will do it for you – Catalunya 1st october



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I will do it for you, for those who were, for those who are, for those who someday will be.

I will do it for those I love, for those I have loved and for those who one day in the future, may want to cherish me, even if I am only an image in their past.

I will do it because of the endemic fear of my parents, who had to fight on all fronts of life to give me a better future than theirs.

I will do so because of the convictions of my brothers.

I will do it because I have not educated my children to live a dictatorship disguised as a democracy.

I will do it because now it is no time for rights or left, now it does not matter if you want independence or not, all this now is secondary. Now we play another game, we play the game of dignity and respect, and for that I will.

I will do it because I firmly believe that whoever lives in lies and deceit has no legitimacy to tell me what, how or how much.

For all these reasons and many more, I will.

If there is an urn, I will be, if there is not one, I will also be.

If there is a ballot, I will be. In default, too.

In any case I will be there