analyzing the news

Now, over the summer, but here now we enjoy better time than before, and now I can say what has been for me this summer 2014. My summer holidays have consisted of two trips back and forth, to the OR. The first of silly, but despite being silly had to fix it. The second to fix the mess left me as I recall, the car accident I suffered two years ago. Whatever it says the expert of the insurance company opponent, and coroner; if I’ve put a knee prosthesis has not been on a whim. By the way I still have not taken a penny of compensation is the result of hitting against  a car insured in a low-cost  insurance company.

The surgical intervention was fine, but nevertheless, things need time and my knee a little more.

Until now, the physical therapist came to my house, but today was my second visit to the rehabilitation center in El Masnou. I arrived very early and I took the opportunity to drink a coffee in a nearby cafe, where they have newspapers, paper  newspaper!!!.  An almost forgotten experience «with hands touch paper.»

There I was with my crutches. When I pick up the newspaper and on the cover I find this.




There are apparently a regular customer that contributes altruistically to their particular, concise, and not devoid of reason, in-depth commentary, something like a Gabilondo or Cuni or any other «great communicator.»
Today this has caught me by surprise but the next day I take a pen. Perhaps this is born of a discussion forum.


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