Another Wagner is possible, but maybe ripping some clothes

Last Saturday I received an e-mail from one of my brothers. He is a dad a little «old-boil» He is absolutely dedicated to the not easy task of educating a child whose adolescence coincide in time with the retirement of my brother, which sure makes things difficult. Perhaps foreseeing the future, my brother who is a big fan of music in its many aspects, he wants to ensure that in the future, when he can no longer ride with his  Bromptom ,  someone will  take him by the hand to listen to the great masters. after replacement of hearing aid batteries. This calls for hard work that my brother is willing to do. Devoting to it all the time and effort because wagner needs much time and no little effort.

Regarding Wagner, is very difficult to love at first sight.
Loving Wagner is the result of determination, desire and a good dose of music education and that is where my brother in law  works. With or without hispermission; rather no. I do a cut and paste from his  last Saturday e-mail.

For  (…) birthday I have given him  the full version in Spanish  (4 operas) and  he did not fall asleep without reading a while. Now (following day) he  is provided in the toilet reading it

Tremble, purists friends. You,  whom any small deviation from your specific concept about «opera» It is a sacrilege. You better abstain because the full version of my brother in law is talking about, it  is this one.


You may say that there can not capture the essence of Wagner, his music. Yes, but at least if  it arouses curiosity and that curiosity leads you into  an operahouse  that’s already good. Also, my nephew will have much cattle, because knowing and understanding what happens between those gods who are not gods and heroes as implausible as superm, it is very important to understand Wagner.You will tell me that Brunilda breasts abound here, well in that everyone has their own opinion, but what my mother always said «stretch plus two boobs, two carts»

By the way, looking for images for this post, I found this little pearl. After a few laps I found the origin of this drawing which link, you will find below and also by clicking on the image



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