June 2, 2014 -José Manuel Lara day’s

This morning, I have taken the final step to start which I hope will be the last chapter of my “famous” book, “My leg and the mother did.”
The Diagonal Clinic is a new clinic with great facilities, but from my perspective, living in El Maresme, the clinic is provided exactly “where God lost his hat”
On leaving the clinic, where I went to do the preoperative tests, I received a message from a good friend:

The King retires

because my friend is a convinced monarchist. eh! having a friend who saw much monarchist. After watching a couple of news websites have come to the conclusion that:

Newsmaker Great!!

Due to the significance of the news, you might think that this post should have been titled King Day, or the day of the prince, or the day of Leticia. But no.

While driving back home, near Vall d’Hebron, I already had clear that today is the day of José Manuel Lara. the big boss of Editorial Planeta publishing world’s largest in Spanish language.
Because zapping doing radio, I could see if someone was today delighted with the abdication of the king, that was Pilar Urbano. She is the author of many books, including one she published in the nineties about the Queen of Spain and one that she has recently published “The Great amnesia” about the coup in 1981.

During the time I’ve covered the route between Esplugas de Llobregat and Alella . I ‘ve heard her saying the same words in three different radio . When I came home,while I was preparing lunch and ironing two shirts, I heard her againg, answering the same questions in several television . Thats’ because , as the conductors said: Pilar is ” an authoritative opinion.” . This is the reason that supports my strange reasoning, which is embodied in the title of this post.

in fact, today is the day of any writer, editor or journalist who, at some point in their lives has decided to write something more than fifteen pages about the now retired monarch.

What will happen tomorrow?

I do not know, but for now the abdication of the king has been featured in the world press and is trending topic on twitter. But so is # IIIrepublica. Certainly we do not get bored