My Walküre


First of all: desperate Wagner lovers please stand down. This is not for you
Yesterday I spent the whole day humming tututurututu tutututu turuturutututuruturutu

How anyone recognize it? By God! I will have to explain everything.

no! is not “apocalypse now”

Yesterday was the day of the Valkyrie at the Lyceum. And I was eager to face her. In the real sense but also in the metaphorical, because to attend a performance of the Valkyrie must feel like. I say, eventhough it soon can I sing Parsifal in a karaoke.

I like Wagner. I like his music. But with regard to Wagner, “man”, every day I like less.

Besides not pay any debt, put horns to everyone, Herr Wagner was a great musician who revolutionized the musical language, changing the way we understand the opera, making the voice is another instrument. An instrument very difficult and he seemed to find true pleasure in abusing.

Anyone who begins to take an interest in Wagner, immediately meets the leitmotif concept. it is as if Wagner would grant a specific language not only to each of the characters but also to situations, feelings, even to objects.

Wagner creates a language, a way of speaking, a special sound for just about everything these individual pieces and melodies he composes what are undoubtedly masterpieces. This way of working music is what makes Wagner is recognized as a genius by almost everyone except those who fall asleep in the first act.

And the first to admit that Wagner is a genius is Wagner himself, who knowing his own genius, making a show of generosity enables us to worship through music

That is the conclusion I have reached after many hours listening to his endless operas. In my opinion, the only reason why the opera of Wagner are so long is that we may be stuck in the seat with the ass collapsed, shattered knee and stiff neck, much longer enjoying the pleasure of worshiping the genius.

Jokes aside, invest 90 minutes of my life in the second act of The Valkyrie is extremely heavy and I insist once again that I am passionate about music. But perhaps Wagner had no one around to tell him that “the good if brief, twice good? I do not ask much, but I think 45 minutes, he would have said the same thing and maybe better. But no, there I was, poor victim of Wagner sat for 90 minutes listening to the muffled cry of my knee

How was yesterday Valkyrie?

Vocally fine, but please, dear Estrella, myself: Next time look at the cast of singers. Because yesterday Klaus Florian Vogt did not sing; yesterday Sigmund role was sung by Frank van haken, who at first made ​​me suffer, but quickly improved. Small problems in the throat, which I had been resolved with prompt “cough cough” but Wagner leaves no time even to that.

Regarding the staging: after the mammoth production of the Invisible City of Kitej, the Valkyrie was a bit low-cost.
Because I’m sorry to tell the lady in the red dress sitting behind it mine, whose phone rang it twice. The “walls” that she saw the third act are acoustic curtains of the stage of the Lyceum, with a little paint and nothing else.
With a few corpses simulated a rickety jeep a couple of sofas and little else already had the Valkyrie.
Yes, there was fire, there was fire in the first act, the second and the third course. I believe that among stage directors there is much hidden arsonist.

The worst? undoubtedly the wardrobe the Valkyries.

But please, what have they done to those poor girls stage manager, for him to think that revenge? I already know that they cried a lot, but that’s what the Valkyries tend to do. And that does not justify the atrocity of those dresses. they reminded me of my aunt Maria; the worst dressed woman I’ve met in my life.

A side of  these details. I still have my eternal problems of plot coherence operas, also in Wagner. that’s a personal problem, I know.
But over the years, it is becoming more difficult to me willingly accept things as a God who has to pay, a mortgage over his wallhala , to a giant. I can not help it, but when for the umpteenth time Brynhild said:

protects the sleeper
deterrence fears
so that only a hero,
free and fearless

An how best solution she proposes:

Auf dein Gebot
entbrenne ein Feuer;
den Felsen umglühe
lodernde Glut;
es leck’ ihre Zung’,
es freße ihr Zahn
den Zagen,
der frech sich wagte,
dem freislichen Felsen zu nahn!

Oops! sorry, I meant how proposed solution:

Send to burn a fire!
That surrounds the rock
burning flame.
Lick her tongue
your teeth and bite
the coward,
dares approach
the intimidating boulder.

Probably I am a bit rustic, and  the first thing I thought  is about a fireman with extinguisher.

Well, I think I have said all the nonsense I had planned to say about  this highly recommended Walkiria . I am sure that  some of my friends willask for my excommunication for having confessed publicly that the second act of Walküre seems me overly long, but somebody had to say it

A kiss  and goodnight.

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