European Elections – What happened in Catalunya?

I had not planned to talk about the European elections but thinking about my daughter. And thinking that where she lives, the newspapers today, probably, they will be busy with their own results. And thinking that I doubt that the BBC spend more than five minutes to discuss the results in Europe (which for the British is still something else and today a bitmore), and being optimistic, I reckon those five minutes, Spain will correspond approximately 15 seconds. I think talking  about the results in Catalunya, they just leave it for another time.

But yesterday, here important things happened. More important than some are willing to admit, much less what others have liked.

So, with the aim to inform my daughter, and also trying to clarify my own ideas. Here’s my comment / analysis «coffee / analysis» about European 2014.



Dear daughter:

So input, you must know that everybody , everybody  have lost. This morning in view of the results,   I thought that at least one Party  had won. No, I was wrong, because I just heard their leader saying that the outcome did not leave him satisfied, because they aspire to greater heights. Who said that? not matter. By now, you already know that the electoral math is an occult science.

Listen daughter, in these elections have revealed several things.

a) People are fed up with politicians, it shows that overall participation has dropped and that major parties have struck a tremendous thud.

b) Much of PP voters, have been two steps to the right, to political parties as UP and Ciutadans. Ciutadans while presented in Catalunya for some years , but now they have switched to the rest of Spain and has not fared badly because they have taken two seats.

c) If the situation is worrying by  PP, (they say they have won, but do not seem to) what happened with socialists is to mourn. apparently, people have realized that unless mention the gaffe nonsense of Cañete, they said nothing, nothing, nothing. Here I give you  a drawing that I have riding thanks to El Pais.

europeas 1


You see, child, I have included the results of yesterday and also 2009 (the year that I had to be in a table, for God as boredom )  I have separated , me  and everyone . because they separate themselves. Aside Catalunya , Spain on the other .

Daughter you were born here and secure your remember that always has been the same. Remember when the weather man on TV said «rain in Spain» and it was sunny in Catalunya or vice versa? . The » fet diferencial » (we are not the same thing) is very old, much more than you or me.

Well yesterday was tremendous.

Down in Spain’s participation,  in Catalunya rose 10 points. Ten!

Do not forget that in the whole of Spain, except the Party «Podemos » (15M movement daughter). the candidates catalog  discouraged anyone. Hence all those people who has drawn «combs» on the ballot or who has devoted his vote parties like the Pirate Party, animalistic Party and other parties that you never know where they come from or where they go.

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-26 a la(s) 16.50.53


Here in Catalunya was another story.

Whatever they say, the elections in Catalonia has been a pre-referendum about independence.

Much of the Catalan population wanted to show, in a measurable, its convening power. in Catalonia, have won the Parties that proclaim independence, leading proponents of the controversial, but I think that necessary consultation on 9th November.

europeas 2


Han arrasado tanto que casi se arrasan entre ellos porque Convergencia ha tenido que ceder su puesto a esquerra republicana,  porque lo de los socialistas mejor ni lo comento
Captura de pantalla 2014-05-26 a la(s) 16.12.53

This would be the post-electoral map, you’ve always seen on TV, when you lived here.

Red and blue are the results of PP and the PSOE, with small variations they always spread the rest of Spain.
Also as always, especially since the socialist debacle, Catalonia and the Basque Country there are always aside always regardless of what happens in the rest of Spain. Because, although many do not ever will recognize, Catalunya and Euskadi are different.

I told you at the beginning, which I think everyone had lost.

With the major political parties, which are becoming smaller, not much to say, the numbers sing.

There are political parties, such as IU who have won votes, but less than they could have won, because quite a lot have gone to Podemos and its charismatic leader Pablo Iglesias, that’s the one this morning saying they  that aspired to more .

At home CIU has lost to ERC. Then  you can say me,:  these have won . Yes, but.

If you’ve seen these elections as a «pre», then you must expect that the results are overwhelming and they are, but not enough.

I’ve been listening for a long time, that most of the catalan people want independence, but the numbers appear and then give the following results.

For a total census (in this case the census included some foreigners who do not think as much the result vary) 5,383,848 people.
Removing 43,565 blank votes and 22,524 invalid votes.
We have:
Abstaining: 2.532.6 629, 52.37% and
Valid votes counted, 2,532,629, 47.63%

Of the 2,532,629 votes for all ERC and CIU are 1,097,867 . If we add  IU voers , who has not been clearly demonstrated for independence, but for the consultation, we would have 1,356,421 . what contrary to PP say, they are a lot of people , so many ; though not a majority , at least for now .

Here is the problem.  I do not know where I live, and like me, so  many people.

On Saturday I was in an area of ​​Badalona, ​​where most were neither the PP nor ERC, because all were Chinese.

This morning I was having breakfast in a bar and around me everybody  spoke in Spanish, the language that PP say and is fully marginalized in Catalunya.  They lie.

I will not deny that I have endured some anger by writing in Spanish, but then I’ve also encountered in the blog comments, such as «if you wanna be, not Spanish, then go away,  bitch» this comment and others like I found in my blog when comment were open.

ERC  has always gone about his business, with ups and downs, but has always declared independence . Here , who has complicated everything has been Mr.r Mas , who picked a good day proclaiming itself more independence , that independents .

Then came the fucking electoral math and here we are today , caught between a few who know what they want. Others who , if they know where they are going , they hide a lot. And some who walk through life without seeing, without hearing , but talking , talking a lot , too much  , and always to say the same thing , no , no, and no.