Gran Teatre del Liceu 2013 – Please, the last one turn off the lights


Today “this” has been very difficult, not the post, but the title. I hesitated between a “Oh Lord, Lord” with an air of breath, or “fool the last one”, also the highly popular “turn off the light and let’s go.” (apaga y vámonos)  I’ve also thought a lot more melodramatic things like: “what fire could not get, get it now … and that’s where I’ve stuck.

Because , I did not know whether to put: the crisis, ineptitude, lack of interest, excessive interest, and many other things, on the same line. There are so many small things and circumstances which separately would not have much importance. But that just in a rush, they are capable of anything. This is like the rain and storms.

What is a storm, but many, many small, tiny, seemingly harmless water droplets, which are able to send to ruin everything, manhole covers, houses, lives, memories. Well, so goes the Liceu lately.

Days ago, a friend taunted me, is not the first time she does, she complained that I do not write about opera. the truth, dear Monty, you know I’ve been a bad year, and now that everything looks better I do not want to think about things that make me sad and upset me and now I’m sad and angry.

Because I’m afraid that throughout its history, with wars, fires, revolutions, dictatorships, republics, with economic crises, which also occurred in the past and fat. I think the Liceu had never been so nearly the abyss as now.

Before I tell you before because lately I do not lavish much and not because that I want. before when I was doing lots of visitors in the theater, used to tell the public that, in my opinion, theater is a business. A company which has to be well managed, because if it is not managed well, it does not work.

Those things, the product, which  theater sells , is not only  a show, is not only a cultural or social event. What opera houses sold, what the Liceu has sold so far, is anything more basically passion.

Lucky who has had the opportunity to live this magic moment through music and a voice, you discover feelings you did not know to be able to feel. From that day ,music and opera will be  part of your life. A rather large part depending on how piecemeal is your life.

In any case an important part. For this reason it hurts  me so much to have lived, so closely, that unpleasant feeling of decrepitude that in recent times has taken over the theater. From my limited knowledge, I sincerely believe that there are things that could have been managed better. Appealing to the crisis have been deleted shows and other activities for the benefit of entertainment that perhaps deserved more  to be suspended.

CEO leaving. a charge whose existence I never understood except as part of the political class toll. After Matabosch also went mr. some have rejoiced, others not. His work has not pleased everyone, but it has been generally good, although I think it’s a great art director for good times, in times of crisis we must think a little more. On Thursday I received a short message. “Basso also lets us” and now just read that Pons, the director of the orchestra, are thinking about it.

Maybe, the title of this post should have been “what the fire did not get ….


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