Granada – Generalife, rain. Alhambra more rain. Albaicin even more rain

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That was the purpose of travel to Granada. Check if time had me fooled. It is normal that something be wowed at fourteen, but after forty, not used to produce the same effect.

Despite the time elapsed. Despite the rain, sometimes torrential. Although tourists. Yet, when I entered the «throne room», I felt again as the girl of fourteen who barely understand anything, but who thought knew almost everything.

Rain  or not, the Alhambra is still wonderful, and now with the perspective of years and having traveled just over world, I still can not fit that work of art with some peculiarities of the current Arab culture


We spent the morning between the Generalife and the Alcazaba and Nasrid palaces, about three hours «doing» the tourist. Good thing I brought the Swiss equipment, waterproof jacket and some fantastic boots which I bought on sale completely waterproof and very warm. One of those things when you get into the suitcase you think. Am I not exaggerating?

No, I did not exaggerate. Despite being a nuisance, the rain also has some good stuff, thanks to her I could photograph the lions, without corresponding tourist leaning against him.

Because in the recent restoration also restored the surrounding pavement, and some genius, there are those everywhere, had the great idea to put fine polished marble.
The first rain a German tourist slipped and since that day when it rains lions are alone and peaceful.




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music by Fausto pototo

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