Nasrid route 6 – from Alcaraz to Cazorla

Many times I’ve said that we, the Catalans, are rare, it is true. Normally, countries, nations, peoples or states often choose to celebrate their national day, an important historical fact.Such as “Declaration of Independence” the “Bastille”. Well that was important for some, for others … a bit overwhelming, for that of losing his head.

We Catalans celebrate a defeat, the loss of Barcelona, ​​casually to Felipe V, the same that won the Battle of Almansa

This year, while a at “home” People went to the beach and politicians singing “els segadors” our song, me and my husband went out Mr. Almansa path of the first stage of the Nasrid route, the Parador de Cazorla. Something like 279 km. Too much to do in one sitting.

I was looking for intermediate stops, with some some upside. The first thing I found was thesource of the river Mundo, better known as “jets River World” tributary of the Segura. Look good, but of course that going to a site whose main feature is the water gushing at the end ofsummer is not the best idea, at least in southern Spain. So we let the jets for another day andwe stop in Alcaraz.

A town worth visiting, with a per capita rate of sights very high.

Besides a very special taste for vintage labels.

A Coke in a bar in the square, look at Christ in your church, frankly terrifying, and we go our way.

I do not want to offend anyone, but with all due respect for the artist and his work. need a lot offaith, not to run,.We already noted in Alcaraz but few miles later there was no doubt. The landscape smelled of olive. It smelled of olive tree fall which by heat, because it was very hot the olives arerotting on the ground. At that moment it was clear that my son Xavier,  he will never visit jaén, at least when the olive trees are pollinating.God! How many olive trees.

Spain’s leading producer of olive oil in the world, most in Jaén . Millions and millions of olive trees to the horizon and beyond, in the plain, following the hills. We  found olive trees at 900 meters above sea level

The vision of those endless fields is unique, but unique boring.

Parador de Cazorla  is not located in Cazorla.

On the map and is a straight line, I have estimated that between two points is a little over a mile. But for that we must climb a mountain or dig a tunnel.
For now, the access road to the lodge is 22 km of road, but of course with superb views on the natural park of Sierra de Cazorla.That would be the normal way to reach the hostel, unless you were a minister from the time ofFranco.

This is one of those hostels that you get questions
Who came up with put it here?
The answer is simple, a hunting enthusiast with decision-making enough to build a heliport.This I have not got the information from the Parador. But if you’ve seen “The NationalShotgun” is not difficult to imagine the minister down the helicopter

With a minister or not, the place is really extraordinary, in the midst of a silence at timesoverwhelming. A lonely place to do things like take a walk after dinner along the desertedroad to the inn and hear the bellowing of the stags. Simply fantastic.

The hostel has its years, it gives sill, but he begins to need an update, nothing urgent or too important

Few Spanish and many foreigners, some of them would find in Úbeda and Jaén, doing the same route. I saw some guests who carried tremendous photographic equipment, with the intention of capturing images of the abundant wildlife of the area. photos like this

This picture I took myself, with my little Lumix. No need telephoto lenses or wear camouflageclothing.
I was extremely keen to take a picture like that. But if I am to be honest, there’s a trap. a little trap

In short, the Parador de Cazorla has great attractions, nature-based. Observing Nature takes time. So it does not seem very wise to include it in a path of a single night. No time for anything.
But I do not regret having been there, even fleetingly.

I slept like a queen and I ate like a princess

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