Merkel without angela – 2

The dog that you see as comfortably settled on what few days after taking this photograph would be my grandson, it’s my son Xavier’ pet.

Last summer at home a lot of things has happened, Xavier has become independent. more or less, because just every day  he comes home to eat, what fills me with «joy». Every three or four days he brings one or two Ikea bags full of dirty clothes.
No, please, you do not criticize him, the poor young man has not yet found the right place to install the washer and then have to find a place to hang clothes and if it rains. What  happens if it rains?
As is the economy of this country, he is not going to buy a dryer. And the iron? much mess, better at mum’s home. At the end of the day, at home we wash our clothes, his brother ‘s and his. . (I have to clarify that the clothes of the other son is a temporary situation, because he does have washer)

When a person leaves parents’s house

soon noticed things missing, some even notice them before leaving. And for a young man who has grown up surrounded by all kinds of animals, some of them nameless,  is logical that one of his priorities were a dog. Of course, a dog like Patton is incompatible with, for example, the car, a cute car designed for many purposes  but not to take a dog slobber overflowing.

Xavier needed something more bearable, a portable dog, and that’s how she got home, it must be said that at that time she did not pass the kilo and a half, he spent a month at home

Contrary to what one might expect, my husband did not put her  in an envelope and sent to Singapore. (He spent many years enjoying and holding several pets) No, on the contrary, after carefully observing her  movements obviously result of its high intellectual level ….

…. My husband decided to impose heran appropriate name.

I must say that it has always had a knack for names. So our dogs have been called in this order: Brahm, Mozart, Shakespeare, Becker, Hobbes, Patton but  now has  been a qualitative leap, the consequence is that the dog and my son are famous in the neighborhood. Because the cute dog responds when she wants to the sound name:
Merkel! comes here! . She comes or not is another story

Merkel  go out there to calculate the risk premium, my husband says

The dog pay any attention and my husband loved it.
Well as we say around here. Qui consoles is not because they want

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