Pablo Casado – Mr. smile




After weeks watching the daggers crossing the heavens to one side and the other. Finally, the Popular Party, which has the record of corrupt politicians processed or in the process of being, regardless of those who are not or never will be. The party that was spent my future pension and that of my descendants. The party which does not even know how to count his own militants. The party for which formatting a computer is to hammer it. Where stealing creams in a super is a slip and where the word resignation simply does not exist.

That party that, until recently, had the most rancid right-wing monopoly. Today finally has a new leader a young boy who knows how to move in networks, they say, (I have my doubts seen the mess that has mounted in the recent past). The one who has not worked in his life because for any mortal work is something slightly different from get into the youth of the party in adolescence and “give it all” for the Party.

Note: Has anyone noticed that the vast majority of those in politics have not signed up in a job in their fucking life?

The last days I followed the news and every day I asked myself the same question.

When are they going to say something about his degrees? A question that I was throwing into the air (to the void I would say) directed to the militants and delegates of the PP. To those who do not seem to worry that their leaders lie, steal, defraud because they keep on cheering them. A question that, in my own way, I also directed to the media.
Where were all those exclamations, when it was discovered that the “boy smiles” was a Harvard master, in just one weekend and almost without leaving home.
Gentlemen of the press, where were your clothes torn when the massive validation carried out by the same who fixed the curriculum to Mrs. Cifuentes?

Nothing, absolute silence.
There have been moments that I have even asked aloud.
Was this the one who approved doing complex studies that took him (thinking well) a little over Saturday afternoon?

So, viewing all these questions is how I have decided to formulate my crazy theory, which I expose here “black on white” in case I forget it over time

It will not be that the choice of Casado would be the finishing touch to finish the PP.

Because its doutful curriculum will come back, as its null experience in everything.

None I like, but in a debate Albert vs Pablo, the latter has nothing to do.

However, it is true that the “boy wonders” of citizens has come out very fucked of the motion of censure, almost as much as Mariano himself.

That’s why I believe placing a guy like him at the front of PP guarantees the bleeding of voters towards Ciudadanos will continue in the next future

Call me crazy, but as a famous lawyer would say. I “there I leave it”.

I hope that at least he speaks English