The true Barcelona skyline


Some will say the sacred family, others the Mapfre tower and its twin, Montjuic or Collserola and the Foster tower.

Nothing. The true skyline of Barcelona is on the other side of the Besos river.

To know what the true skyline of a place is, nothing like approaching it or at least trying it by sea.

From the time we were out there aboard a sailboat with three kids that happened before the GPS. I remember an occasion that we had to return from Mallorca, specifically from Sòller, in the old way that is, with the Polar as a guide .

From that point, in theory the thing had no more secret than locating the star. Align it with some reference, such as the Genova sail and the mainmast, set the autopilot and from time to time check that we followed the correct direction «north exact» .

However, of course the sea is very big, very blue and with zero visual references. I insist that then the GPS did not exist, and that our portable telephone was this.


As expensive as heavy. With a ridiculous coverage (this was in other times) and with a battery that lasted a sigh. I still keep it in the storage room.

The sailboats are romantic but also slow. And as the hours passed, the night went away and with it the Polar giving way to the coastal calico of the summer. When we had been looking at the horizon for a long time, we finally had the certainty that we were not going to Marseille. We saw the outline of the gas bail in the port of BCN by the left beam. And not long after, at last, we saw those three chimneys. They are the ones that tell you: yes boy you are coming home.

panoramic c4

A few years ago when the thermal power station was out of service, my husband and I got lost on the coastal front of it. There were its metal arms extended into the sea. Certainly between them, at that time, there was a kind of nudist beach one of the most depressing things I’ve seen.



Not long ago, I tried to go back there. I found the whole area walled up, towards a time when the demolition works were being carried out and those maritime structures no longer existed. And not much of the huge land facilities either.

At this moment the three chimneys rise solitary in that terrain. These are some of the photographs I take in the area, necessarily from the outside.

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Looking for information, I have found not one, but several videos that collect the demolition process. The typical retired «project managers», who monitor the work from the fence have been modernized. Some go further and take their drone that diabolical invention that can give images as impressive as these. Here, you can still see the marine structures.



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