Tristan is coming, and Isolda with him

Today I have accompanied a backstage visit, in Catalan, something that has not happened since ….. I do not remember.

It was a group as charming as interested in the subject, I guess they were the kind of people who are interested in everything or almost. As it seems a tradition, the overwhelming majority were women, all but one man.

The visit has gone by without any problems except perhaps because my people were running fast, and my friend Ferran, who was ahead of me, may have felt slightly pressured, sorry Ferran; but really they were going very fast. To be honest, I must admit that in the stage visits I have a certain reputation as a career coach, what better culture and sport in a single pack.

As I said, the visit went very well and at the end, in the traditional farewell visit the toilet, we were able to enjoy a few minutes of the fantastic voice of Irene Theorin in the role of Isolda an opera that I look forward to, it is one of my favorites. It is a pity not have been able to immortalize a group of people stationed next to the access doors to the stalls with an ear stuck listening to her voice.


Obviously I could not let them stay there during the hour and twenty minutes of the second act.

Tristan and Isolde is one of my favorite operas, as long as that day the cervix are calm, and no disturbing thought runs through the head, capable of disturbing the state of inner peace that requires four hours of Wagner.

However, if the personal circumstances are the right ones, the orchestra sounds like it sure will sound, and the singers are right. That’s when you get to that point where you have no choice but to give up, and acknowledge publicly that although he was more convinced than Cristiano (soccer player) that he was a womanizer who did not pay his debts and everything that you want, in spite of everything, Wagner was a genius.

However, despite the many desires that I have of throwing myself into the musical arms of Wagner, there are things that I do not accept. For example, the poster announcing this opera. If this poster were for a Christmas perfume male ad, I would understand, but for Isolda it is too small.

There are still some tickets and the staging is spectacular. It’s worth it, but I’m not very objective at least when it comes to this opera

Amics dels museus

Tristan Isolda – Liceu Barcelona

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