Temptation has a name, Kaufmann

Since I knew that in this season 17/18 we would finally have the opportunity to enjoy Jonas Kaufmann in the Liceu and in a complete opera, I already said and solemnly, in the theater coffee shop: I did not spend ” that“. “That” meant an extra cost of 55 euros referring to the normal price of my seat.

I was so convinced of my decision that this Monday, when the special sale period for the only three performances of Andrea Chénier that Kaufmann will interpret, instead of leveraging myself in front of the computer to “catch” the best, seat . Instead I went quietly to breakfast with a friend; from there to the super, from the super to the Ikea; from the Ikea to the pharmacy and so on Monday and also on Tuesday. Until last night when I made the mistake of taking a look at the theater’s website, to see how the sale went and the sale went like this.


This was the capacity available for the representation of 9/3, there are entries of course, but not in “my territory”. Actually, I’ve taken the last ticket in the area that I like and at the price I can tolerate. More tickets are available for the 12th and 15th of March, but tomorrow is when the sale to the general public opens up, which makes us assume that those green spots began to disappear quickly.

Yes, in the end I have fallen into temptation. Not because I like Kaufmann particularly, but for a second I imagined the anger I would feel when all those who once said that “I will not go to see Kaufmann.” However, in the end they would not stop repeating, over and over again, how well they sang and how perfect everything was. Well, that, I already have an entry for the 9th of March of 2018 to enjoy with Andrea Chenier, with Kaufmann (if he cancels I cut him) Radvanovsky and Alvarez. Summarizing one of those representations that must be seen, if only to say: “I was there”

Jonas Kaufmann; “Come un bel dì di maggio”; Andrea Chénier

Liceu Barcelona – Andrea Chenier – BUY TICKETS 


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