100,000 up, or 100,000 down. Demonstrations in Barcelona

Today there has been a great demonstration in Barcelona, to be precise it is still being celebrated. Great for the reason that originates it, and, as a result of the importance of this, great by the number of participants.

I have literally lost count of how many demonstrations have been held in Barcelona, only in the last two months. Organized or spontaneous, promoted by the usual or by others, peaceful or not so much. Today will surely be peaceful, AS ALWAYS and numerous. More or less numerous depending on who makes the accounts and how much, that someone, wants to deceive himself.

As a sample, on September 11, the national day of Catalan performances (see Question of size), a demonstration was held with the objective of forming a large cross between the streets of Aragón and Paseo de Gracia. Of course, as usual, it was not just a concentration, but had a built-in show. The day after, there were discussions about the number of people who participated. Some of those who bet downward was an association or … well I do not know how to define it … Societat Civil Catalana, the organizers of the “unionist” demonstration on the eighth of October. That demonstration in which, at the end, a few people were dedicated to alter the public order with fights and destruction. Impunity, by the way.

Catalan Civil Society estimated the participation in “its” demonstration in 950,000 people, many of them coming from the rest of Spain. However, that does not matter much. In today’s 900 coaches have come to Barcelona. The difference is that today’s are Catalans, people who came on eighth October, were imported.

Societat Civil Catalana reported the participation on September 11 in 292,000 people. A figure that I do not know very well how they reached I suppose at a guess.


I do not want to get into futile discussions, that’s why I include a screenshot of Google Maps; in which I have drawn the route of the demonstration of 11/9, in red, and that of 8/10 in green.



Neither in one case nor in the other have I taken into account the surrounding agglomerations

In short, they are willing to argue.

One thing if I want to clarify because this afternoon I have heard not one, but several times, in La Sexta TV, mentions to that manifestation of 8/10 placing it in the Paseo de Gracia. And as in this world when you start to give something for good, so it stays, well no. The demonstration of 8/10 was celebrated in Via Laietana and Paseo de Isabel II having the stage “end of party” located in Marques de Argentera. And I do not say it for free here I leave a screenshot of the web page of the promoters.

Actually the only important thing in a demonstration, is this. 100.000 up, 100.000 down






More about Catalan demonstrations en Catalunya Ver: Size matter



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