And old man – Pau Casals

Since a few days ago I am reorganizing the English version of this blog and this afternoon I found this old post originally published on November 10, 2008.

Last days a lot off people talk about the great history’s discourses.

Today the newspaper “La Vanguardia” published full text off Barack’s Obama discourse pronounced last Tuesday in Chicago. Also, make reference to other greats discourses like the famous “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King or “Ich bin ein berliner” by Jhon F Kennedy. Great discourses off course, but I miss one. The discourse that an old man on his eighties pronounced at the United Nations headquarters on Sunday 24th October 1971. That discourses begun with these words “I’m Catalan” Probably most off you don’t know it, but I can assure you that here, where I live, in Catalonia this words touched in the past and touche today enough.

When the old man pronounced those words Franco was still ahead of Spanish government. The old man has sworn he would never come back Catalonia, while Franco was alive. He never could come back, both are old, but he was the oldest.

Catalonia is small and Catalan people are not so many.

For a long time probably he was the best violoncello player, respected and admired around the world. However, that day when he played at the United Nations Assembly his hands were not so agile than before, at that moment he was only an old man talking about his homeland.

Pau Casals composed the United Nations hymn.



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