Trees and forest – Pablo Casado – PP

Last Wednesday, I hit bottom. That day I realized that for the first time in my life I was suffering from anguish due to stress. Angst because my mood was a continuous rise and fall, literally from the euphoria to cry in 30 seconds and start over. That anguish was born of an informative overdose or disinformation, as you want to see.

At that moment I decided that it was time to self-medicate, not with pills, but with habits.

I have limited times on social networks, in the morning (quite advised) and late / night where basically what I do is translating comments into English or responding in English where to responding in Catalan or Spanish is the same as saying nothing.

I have also reduced whatsapp groups especially family and friends because, there have been days when I have received the same image or philosophical thought, up to thirty times; always under the formulas of the type “it must run” “world must know” simply exhausting.

This reduction has affected also my website because, in my state of mind, I could not afford to receive hits from all over, until now.

This morning I was ironing when suddenly  when Mr. Pablo Casado and all the controversy raised yesterday by his statements burst in my head. Which, I confess, I also commented.

I also have self-limited news. I learned about the famous controversy by a friend who, absolutely scandalized, claimed all kinds of immediate legal actions. I read the headline of the news and, the first thing I thought was that Mr. Casado, was referring to “October events” 83 years ago, when President Companys proclaimed the Catalan republic, what lead him to jail in Cadiz. It was later, when the digital dust cloud, made me think that maybe Casado had gone further, referring to the assassination of Companys by the Franco government. To finish the play, Mr. Casado, in the later clarification, became the fool, which he is not.

Accepting the assumption that, regardless of whether he likes me or not, fool he is not. Suddenly when I was fighting with a Mango blouse that I bought at a bad time because it always gets wrinkled, at that moment the trees have moved away and I have seen the forest.

Yesterday the PP could have made several headlines. The already ubiquitous Catalunya subject, now focused on the long-standing article 155 that one is no longer clear to what extent the PP is interested in talking about it.

The one that in any country of the world would have been the news of the day


And finally the third way, the Casado’s way, which is the one triumphed.

Because yesterday on Twitter, headlines’s paradise, where almost nobody bother to look at the content, Mr. Casado got into the Internet’s Olympus, a media heaven reserved for people like Kim Kardashian, and Donald Trump. And he did it with all honors, with first and last name.

That triumph is the best reference in his curriculum, when, like all politicians, he makes the leap to private enterprise. A triumph that we have put on the tray, all of us, the thousands and thousands of people that we are accustomed to seeing the trees before the forest.