How would I explain it to you

Although I am bit tired of living in a country where, even when you make a belch, you have to justify it, I will.

It is not a discovery if I say I do not like CUP party, I will never vote for it because, on many occasions, almost everyone, I disagree with their way of doing. But, another issue is that we would not be where we are without their participation. I can see it, and must people can, also Madrid.

It is no coincidence that yesterday, the police team who stands up in front the CUP headquarters was the state police (policia nacional) , formerly known as “the gray ones” I must say that in Franco’s time they had the detail of fucking you face-to-face without uncovering, clearly that they did because they had the power.

Since that time it has rained a lot, but apparently not enough.

In the last few days I often have the feeling that my life is filling with already-lived scenes, appeals to a size-able court, records of more than dubious legality, unnecessarily halting arrests in the middle of the road, detained those who missed the track.

I have again seen the famous poster of the seventies, who said “freedom of expression” Around me, I hear so many voices saying things like “I have not come since here to have to live this.”

Therefore, although the CUP will never be my devotion, I try not to be devoted to anyone except those whom I love, I can still add value to this image of David Fernandez looking policeman eyes, with an expression that seemed to say, “And now what?”.

It has been said thousands of times especially in the last hours, this is no longer a question of independence yes, independence no, this is a matter of basic rights. Choosing legality is a resource that has been used throughout history thousands of times, it was used by Hitler, by Franco, by Mussolini, the slavery supporter, the roman emperors and also those who wanted to leave women held in the kitchen and in the bed.

The legality wherever it comes, and whatever it is, it will no longer until the day to step on the right of the people.



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