A request for my friends . Catalonia today

A request for my friends, English speakers.

Please share this post or at least read it. Share anything that comes to you from Catalonia, no matter from which side, or opinion. Opinion is free. The important thing is to preserve democracy. And now democracy is seriously threatened in my country. At this moment in Catalunya, the police are desperately looking for ballot boxes and ballot papers. They have tried to close web pages. Judges, following orders from Madrid, have called for more than seven hundred political posts, mayors of large and small towns, mayors democratically elected by citizens. Sincerely, I believe that Mr. Rajoy, his government, and media which give them support, in his strategy of fear, are reaching levels never seen since the time of Franco.

Apparently, I say apparently because at this moment it is already very difficult to discern how much truth in the news. Apparently, I said, his last idea is to cut electricity in October the first. In order to prevent people from voting. Unfortunately, I do not see it as impossible. They, the Spanish government, are afraid that independence will gain, without realizing that with his attitude they are fomenting it themselves.

Polls says that Catalonia population is divided, for and against independence. The only way to know if this is true or not, is to vote. And that’s what the vast majority of catalonia citizens want to do. We want to know which country we are living in?

However, asking this question demands from Madrid a great deal of courage to assume the results, which, in case of being favorable to independence, would put Spain in a serious economic difficulties. But, cowardice, is no excuse for trampling on democracy. Voting should never be considered a crime.

Now I want to clarify something.

Last week we saw very unpleasant scenes in the Catalan parliament. I didn’t like it. But, you must bear in mind that it happened because all other roads were closed. And whatever they say, the doors were closed long ago from Madrid.

Thank you very much for reading. I beg your pardon because my English is not as good as I would wish, but I think it is enough to understand us. To understand each other is not so much a problem of knowledge as of will.

At least we can express our opinion here. 

Photo was taken by Jose Luis Roca para El Periodico

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