Buenos aires – Corrientes Avenue – Theaters, Cafes and bookstores


In any city in the world (I do not know all of them obviously) the union of concepts, rain and manifestation is equal to collapse. Then, nobody would be surprised if, once again, we left the taxi to continue our journey on foot. This time in the direction of Avenida de Corrientes, a street of those with the built-in topic, “the street that never sleeps” such as Las Vegas, Ibiza or a thousand sites that, apparently, stand out for suffering from insomnia. Fortunately, Corrientes is more than just a street yawning.

Tourists and beggars aside, the three words that define Corrientes are theaters, cafes and bookstores, the order is set by each one


I did not count them, with the umbrella everything gets complicated. However, the illuminated red “carpet” embedded in the floor facilitates the work a lot.

By the way, in the currents avenue, the sidewalks are passable, something that is not usual in the rest of the city. I believe that never in my life had I stumbled as many times as in Buenos Aires. As a friend explained to me, when a building is erected, the builder decides which pavement, among the more than 40 possible, he chooses to put on. At the moment everything is fine, but when you have to do a repair everything becomes complicated. The pavement is supposed to be replaced by the town hall . So it does not take much more explanations. Better to be careful with one eye on the buildings and another on the ground.

In Corrientes, as I said, there are a lot of theaters, I do not know the unemployment data among the actors in Argentina, but the consumption is very high.


A Flamenco show with all the Italian-Argentine names is, at least, curious.
Argentines like theater and pamper their actors, and Corrientes is their particular avenue of fame.



And where there is theater and nightlife there are places to eat, pizza (usually too thick for my taste compared to the usual in Europe), roasts, meat and cafes / bars.

In Buenos Aires there is a pleyade of bars which one the most beautiful. Bars that they have been able to put in value, giving them the category of Notable Cafes (below there is a link where the 73 Cafes Notables are specified.) I could only visit a few.

In Corrientes I had tea at El Gato Negro.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

In its day it was a spice shop, founded by a Spaniard today is a place where you can take a variety of infusions, and an appetizing coffee. Especially if the day is rainy and windy.

The most remarkable, decoration aside, the man who opens the door and the aroma.

Of course in Buenos Aires there are Starbucks, but with an air of Buenos Aires, which makes them different from those of London

Linked to coffee is the book

In Spain, publishers complain that the electronic book is killing business. Personally I think that this is not the main problem of books. The biggest problem is the lack of readers a problem that apparently does not suffer Argentina.

At least that’s what I think seeing the enormous amount of libraries that populate the city and that in Corrientes is striking.

There are libraries of old books, new books and books still to be written.

And in all there are people, much or less, depending on they invite you to coffee or not, but in any case there are many.


But, even not being in Corrientes, it is impossible to talk about Buenos Aires bookstores without mentioning the bookstore par excellence, The Ateneo Splendid.


When my husband saw her, an economist all the time, he said: it can not survive.

Well, I’m sorry to have to contradict him because El Ateneo Splendid has been open for more than 10 years. That’s what I call “The show of books.” From my modest opinion, an “unmissable” porteño


El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.


And one last clarification, do you remember the famous tango: “Corrientes 348, second floor …” . Ok, do not look for it because it does not exist, at least as you imagine it.

At 348 Corrientes Avenue you will find this


Better listen Gardel singing “A media luz”


Photo  El Ateneo by Diego Tovar 

El Ateneo Splendid

Avenida Corrientes Buenos aires

Bares/cafes notables Buenos Aires

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