Flags on the balconies – Buenos Aires


Argentines have a very internalized feeling of «the nation», the Banco de La Nacion is a good example. It is common to see flags, not only in the Casa Rosada. I have seen them in official buildings, normal, but also in homes and businesses and in souvenir shops. For that reason because I always go around the world, with one eye here and the other there, I’m not a vice. Right away something caught my attention in this building.


Do you see it? do not?. Let’s see if they see it better


Yes, I know it is difficult. That’s why, even with glasses it was not clear, that’s why I zoomed in. And then I saw that what looked like a Spanish flag. Actually, it was something else.



Well now you know, Kantai sells a «department». Personally I have doubts that they get it.