Merkel, without Angela

Soon that sweet creature down there will be two.

Its arrival in the family was quite surprising. When my son was independent and he decided to form a family with a dog, the kids will  arrive later, or not. We did not expect that their choice will weigh less than two kilos.

No offense to anyone, but when his brother saw the little dog first thing he said was,

«make him a T-shirt that reads» My ownerr is not gay «unless you’ve changed your target»


In fact,  a priori, the dog seemed didn’t  fit with its owner character, used to counting by tens our dogs weigth. . Small, short hair, barking, nervous, restless, I think we have just accepting her because she is very smart. She knows that if she barks more than necessary, she is in danger of becoming the first flying dog.

But in my opinion, the decisive factor to love her, is her name,  whose sole responsibility is to my husband.


It’s great to be able to say: Merkel! sit. Merkel! there not!. Merkel! low risk premium. Merkel! – He said very satisfied

Merkel was able to make friends quickly. Tthe size was not a problem. No passing in front of the Patton’s nose when he is breathing and  problem solved.



It is fast as any. 10 meters traveled by Hobbes or Patton, for her, with so many twists and turns, means at least one kilometer. Lola plays in another league.


Throughout her short life yet, she said a special fortitude to the trials that fate has placed on her  path.


In short, either giving spasmodic leaps above the table level , a very commendable for its size, for its efforts to clean the Lola whiskers,


for her tenacity in proving who is more attentive to everything, because so well  she hides under the covers, in general for being so smart. Merkel has earned the affection of the family. What I did not expect is that she was a murdering bitch.

IMG_3194 (1)

For the past few weeks, this poor, pretty stupid partridge paced, so happy, in front of the porch of the house. Until merkel and terrifying jaws arrived.

IMG_3193 (1)

See Merkel in a corner of the garden with the partridge, almost as big as herself in the mouth, defending the dam against Hobbes and Patton, was shocking.

Since that day I look at her differently. the truth is that whenever I’ve always thought that Merkel has some gremlin

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