Plaza de las Glorias – Bellcaire Market – The sweet charm of “encants”


It took time, watching that strange structure growing, strange and expensive, without looking too bright its future.  I did not like seeing it from a distance, on the almost disappeared slide  of the square, in the middle of a morning traffic jam, it was very unattractive.

No contributed nothing to improve my opinion about  the building, although it is actually not a building, when a few days before its opening this had to be canceled due to flooding. Here in Barcelona there is little rain but when it rains, it becomes strong, very strong.

This market, much like many others in major European cities, where you can find almost everything, and here the “everything” is literal, dates back to the fourteenth century. Since 1928 its location was on the north side of the square between Calle Diagonal Independence Cartagena, Consell de Cent and the square.

Until recently, the heart of the market was the patch of dirt where every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7 to 9 am  all the products were unload from lorries and later  were auctioned to the highest bidder. His specialty has always been to give the final push to the remains of the past, both given if it is a haberdashery that closes as the floor of an old man childless. There are also new products but those are not the soul and the reason for being of this market, definitively what has kept him alive for so many years.

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When last Saturday finally I set foot inside (although to say  “in” in this case is not very accurate) I did all the precautions. The economic by the high cost of a work, which on stormy days, leaks outside, does not provide much protection from the rain, of course before they  did  have any.

But it was to enter and looking up and I change my mind.


It’s weird, yeah I will not deny it but I think it’s an innovative reading of the spirit of the old market which has remained in the great central plaza. People are the same at least with regard to sellers but the public rate has changed or rather, is better to sat it has grown because now the usual tourists were among the first to discover this new attraction in the city .


The emergence of this market, the start of work to renew road circulation in the square, and a greater police presence seem to have ended at least for now on the sorry spectacle of the “top manta” that was taking place around the Old Market .
Summarizing this new market of 33,306 m “, with parking (limited to my taste) work of Fermín Vazquez is called to be a new highlight of the city. So for those like me in the distance and disapprove the building, I would  advise them to come  in and take a look.



Another issue is that the Plaza de las Glorias, it seems to me that is poised to become a giant salad architectural, with its Greek temple TNC, the music box Moneo, the Agbar tower and now this giant souk, silver for day, golden at night. Note that I left the “stapler” building a side, which I will talk about another day when I have a chance to know a little more closely. Moment for me, and for medium barcelona, it is a stapler.

Here you have an extensive photo report on the market.



El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

By the way on the red dot is me. And have not drunk too much, you see me twice, things of modernity architecture.



WEb del mercado

Mas información sobre los encantes La Vanguardia

Más información en español


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