The long … The very long Constitution weekend

Long but not always for the same reasons. For some this was a holiday weekend. While for others it has been a weekend of work, hard work. welcome this work or any other.

Yes, the famous weekend and discussed the constitution, or of the Immaculate, reaches the end. Discussed because it paralyzes the economy … say. But not all the economy is paralyzed. On Friday Barcelona was packed with people, if they bought something, that I no longer know.

There are people for everything. For snow skiing because this year did get snow.

Car gridlock!. In the end we’ve gone around – the speaker is my son Xavier

The snow attracts many people, I do not, but many people do. For example my other son has gone to spend the weekend with his sister, and he found this.


Yes, I already know it is Zurich, but not even there it is much snow at this time of year. Now my son is on his way to home, while my daughter is still there buying warm clothes for the baby and thinking about adopting  herself the Winterfell  motto  “Winter is coming” Be always prepared for the worst.

I’ve done a bit of everything, except that DIY and I’m retiring. A light walk with the dogs, some Christmas shopping and taking advantage Barcelona is not Zurich, a nice relaxing walk to the sea shore, in good company




This city is beautiful, and my husband said if he’d just stepped off a Ryanair.

The same should think about the many tourists who, like us, they let the warm Mediterranean sun would ease their wounds, physical and other, because that living has become something very difficult

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